What We Do?

Planning your Will shouldn’t need a degree in Law. Or Accountancy. Or Latin. Instead, all you need is an expert adviser you can trust. Someone who cares as much as you do about maximising the legacy you want to pass onto your loved ones. We are exactly those advisers we describe. It’s our promise. We will ensure you get the Will you want as well a number of complimentary add-ons which prove just how much we care about you and your legacy. Read on to find out more about these perks.

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Law Translate

A bit like Google Translate, we’ll translate any words which might sound like a different language into plain English via your complimentary Wills Law legal dictionary (available in paper form and online)

Complimentary, Certified Copies

All our Clients receive up to 3 Certified Copies of their Will.

Learn / React

As you’d expect from a law firm, we keep a watchful eye on any upcoming changes of the law (around 100 change every year). If any might impact your Will, we’ll contact you and see if you’d like a complimentary Will Review to discuss your options.

Tweaks and Changes

Changed address? Want to change an Executor? Small changes within the first 12 months of having a Will written by us are completely free. After 12 months, there’s sometimes a small fee (but not always).

These are just some of the perks of using us to write what is probably the most important document of your life.
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