Grant of Probate

If the value of the estate you’re executing is over £5,000, it’s highly likely you’ll need a Grant of Probate before you can start releasing possessions, funds and property to the Beneficiaries. We can help you obtain such a Grant quickly and efficiently.

Letters of Administration

If there’s no Will, you can’t get a Grant of Probate. You can though get a Letter of Administration which essentially does the same thing: gives you permission to start dividing the estate. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Contested Probate

Conflict can happen before / during Probate. You / Others can challenge a Will based on a number of Laws. We can help you defend against someone contesting or help you contest.


Our fees for helping you with Probate (or Letters of Administration if there is no Will) start at £2,000 + VAT. For this we will ensure an unrivalled service, together with valuing the assets and estate, preparing the inheritance tax form, drafting the oath, applying for the Grant / Letters of administration and then administering and distributing the estate. To give you a clearer and more concrete quote, we need just a few details from you, such as the size of the estate and what it’s made up of (cash, property etc).


Disbursements are items that need to be obtained in order for us to do the legal work for you. In Probate, these include items like the Government Probate Fee (£273), Trustee Act Notice (approx. £350), Property Valuations (approx. £350-£500 plus VAT) There may be more but when we firm up your quote, we’ll list everything we need and provide you with the price for each. We guarantee transparency.

These are just some of the services we offer as genuine experts in all things Divorce. Get in touch to hear more reasons about why you should choose Law.

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